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Course Detail: PDP0711 - Risk Mgmt
RISK MANAGEMENT AND DECISION MAKING. Provides a practical introduction to the assessment and management of risk in decision-making that occurs in the system engineering process. Includes risk in the decision, as well as risk in the choice of method to decide. Includes many case studies to demonstrate implementation.

Session Detail: PDP0711-201605-01
Schedule: Every week on Monday, starting on 05/30/16 and ending on 06/27/16
Times: 05:00pm - 08:00pm
Price: This session contains no associated Fee Codes, so you cannot register at this time

Instructor Detail
Instructor: John Blyler
Biography: John Blyler covers today's latest high-tech, R&D and even science fiction stories in articles, blogs, whitepapers, books and videos. He is an experienced physicist, engineer, journalist, author and professor who continues to speak at major conferences and before the camera. John has 23 years of experience as a systems engineer-manager in the commercial, DOD and DOE hardware-software electronics industries. Another 16 years of experience has gained in the technical trade and professional engineering journal markets. He was the founding advisor and affiliate professor for Portland State University's online graduate program in systems engineering. Also, John has co-authored several books on systems engineering, RF design and automotive hardware-software integration for Wiley, Elsevier, IEEE and SAE.

Facility Detail
Name: Systems Engineering in partnership with RMS
Address: https://canvas.fit.edu

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