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Course Detail: PDP0595 - Healing Hyp
ADVANCED HEALING TECHNIQUES AND HYPNOTIC TRANCE ENERGY. Advanced healing techniques and the use of hypnotic trance in energy medicine. Explores disease as changes in consciousness and energy systems; intervention from an energetic perspective; using altered states to diagnose client energetic patterns; and refining hypnotic skills for clinicians interested in energy medicine and energy psychology. This workshop will be both didactic and experiential, with small group consultation and practice. It is open only to licensed medical and mental health practitioners, or graduate students in those fields, who have already taken an ASCH-approved Basic Hypnosis course. It offers 12 CEU's for mental health practitioners. For more information go to www.fsch.org/Workshop_Announcement.html. Early tuition rates below are in effect until April 4th, and registration is limited to 65 attendees.

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) BAS HYP

Available Sessions